Alice Robison

Alice Robison is a Restorative and Yin Yoga teacher and a dedicated Buddhist practitioner in the Theravada tradition. She sits retreats at Spirit Rock, IMS, Forest Refuge, Barre Center of Buddhist Studies, Cloud Mountain, and participated in an EcoDharma retreat on the Green River with Impermanent Sangha. Alice was on staff at the  Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, MA as a Retreat Support Fellow for one year. She has completed the Advanced Practitioner Program (APP), Dedicated Practitioner’s Program (DPP), the Community Dharma Leader training  (CDL),  and Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher Training (MYMT) at Spirit Rock Meditation Center  in Woodacre, CA. She is also a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy  practitioner. Alice is a co-founder of the Bozeman Dharma Center. Alice has co-facilitated book studies and group classes to/for white folks around privilege, supremacy, fragility, and finds benefit in participating in on-going white affinity groups (WAG) for women on a weekly basis.

Alice wants to acknowledge the people, past, present and future, on whose traditional lands she lives, practices and works in the town of Bozeman, MT:  The Apsaalooke (Crow),  Northern Cheyenne, and the  Blackfeet Tribe.  She thanks the Indigenous Peoples for taking care of these lands, waters, and mountains. Currently, Alice lives with her musician and story telling husband,Tom, and is happy to be the mother of their daughter who lives in Colorado. Alice likes to read, listen to podcasts, call senators, congress people,and legislators, walk, practice qigong and yoga, and sit in silent meditation. She also likes to cook and finds solace and sanity when connected to the Earth and Sky.

Events with Alice Robison

A Women’s Sangha: Clarity, Compassion and Connection: Cultivating the Heart to Respond to Challenging Times (Zoom Retreat)
October 22, 2020

In honoring Black Lives Matter we will identify as a white affinity group (WAG) Affinity Groups create the space for, in our case white women, to gather and recognize ourselves as a racial group. White supremacy, in the United States, has a structure and history that has internalized racism within us, and externally has creatied a framework of white privilege and systemic racism. The paradigm changing gathering of a WAG gives us space to witness and wake up to our own vulnerability and owning our conditioned white supremacy. We will safely explore and discuss and work with our conditioning together. For more on the creation of race in the United States please watch Race:The Power of an Illusion (film series)- CaliforniaNewsreel Description: These are complex and uncertain times. With the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing not only a physical health crisis, but also financial, social and moral crises as well.  How unique to be having a global shared experience. More than ever we are seeing our common humanity and how interdependent we are. White people are waking up to the systemic racial injustice this country was founded on which includes police brutality, financial inequity, and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 and the environmental crisis on people of color. We are…