The lodge was built in 1939, and completely updated and remodeled in 2018.
Many practitioners enjoy meditating outdoors, finding it deep, still and quiet.
Meditation Hall
The zendo is warm and bright, and has both chairs and zabutons for everyone.
We share the land with an abundance of wildlife, who seem to enjoy the peace and quiet as much as we do.
St. Vrain Creek offers habitat and water, attracting many animals large and small.
Here the creek is at its summer low, but in spring flood it can reach her shoes.
Pawnee Lake in Indian Peaks Wilderness. The trail starts a 15 minute drive from the center.
The view from The Rockpile, one of the nearby group meditation spots.
Early fall colors begin to grace the aspens in late September.
Sunsets offer color and perspective, and often lead to clear starry nights.
Another beautiful mountain sunset, as seen from the center.