March 16, 2020

RMERC is watching the unfolding events of Coronavirus COVID-19, and our hearts go out to anyone suffering from illness or exposure. This is an evolving situation that requires an abundance of caution. Coronavirus is impacting every aspect of our society, and the Dharma is included.

At stressful times like these when we need retreat practice so much, it’s heartbreaking to have to delay opening RMERC. But after many difficult conversations, including with fellow teachers and Boulder County Public Health, we realize this is the most responsible and appropriate thing to do. The lodge is simply too small and close-quartered to safely house and host retreats during a pandemic.

For this reason, RMERC will be delaying opening for this season until the public health situation is safe. We will do this with rolling monthly cancellations, and have currently decided to close until May 25. If you have not already been contacted about refund procedures for retreats during this time, you will be very soon.

If you are registered for a retreat that starts after May 26, we are still planning to go forward with it, and you should feel free to register to any other retreats after this date. However, this is a rapidly changing situation and we are prepared to delay further as the situation requires. 

Once we open for the season, we will be asking anyone with a respiratory illness, flu-like symptoms, fever, feeling unwell, or has or may have been exposed to coronavirus, not to travel to Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center (RMERC).

We will also require anyone who develops cold or flu-like symptoms or becomes sick at a retreat to leave RMERC and return home immediately, to protect the health of the other yogis and teachers. If someone needs to be quarantined we are not able to safely do that at RMERC. The altitude is not conducive for healing respiratory illness.

We will of course keep hand sanitizer available, disinfect high-use surfaces frequently, and put up signage reminding everyone about washing hands, covering coughs, and not touching our faces.

If a retreat is cancelled that you have registered for, you should be entitled to a full refund of any fee you paid; we will be offering full refunds to the organization offering the retreat. If you would like to better understand the organization’s refund policies, you should reach out to the teacher/manager directly. We can help facilitate this conversation as necessary.

RMERC’s expenses continue even when closed. Mortgage, insurance, maintenance, program management, utilities, etc. add up to about half of our operational budget. So if your retreat gets cancelled you will receive a request to help the Center survive by kindly donating a portion of your refund. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

May you stay healthy and safe in these trying times.