Retreats will begin June 2018 as RMERC is currently closed for renovation. Click on a name and go to “more details” for more information. Please do not contact RMERC about retreats, as everything we know is in the links. Missing information is updated as soon as we receive it.

If you want to rent the center for a retreat, check below for availability and then visit this page. You can start on the same day a prior retreat ends, and end the day a following retreat starts.


Past events (2017)

June 23-25   Nature retreat with Peter Williams & Johann Robbins (Details)
July 15           Free Open House Daylong Retreat (Email for details)
July 16           Open House Activity Day (Details)
July 22           Free Daylong Zen Retreat with Kritee Kanko (Details)
Aug 4-13        Ecodharma retreat with David Loy & Johann Robbins (Details)
Aug 14-15      Board retreat and diversity training with Kristin Barker
Aug 19 AM     Sustaining a pristine Sub-alpine ecosystem: With Adam Brock (Details)
Aug 19 PM     Three poisons & our neoliberal economy: With Jeff Hohensee (Details)
Aug 21-28      Private (Solo) retreat
Sept 1-3          Dana-based weekend retreat with Kritee Kanko (Details)