Retreats and workshops in a stunning wilderness setting just 30 minutes from Boulder, CO.

Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center

A Home for Meditation in Nature


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This retreat center is at 8500 feet and includes 180 acres of private river, meadow and woodland adjacent to National Forest and just a few miles from the Indian Peaks Wilderness. The land is set aside as a nature preserve and home to an abundance of wildlife, including deer, elk, moose, bear and beaver.



Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center is a low cost home for spiritual practice, with an emphasis on practice in nature. We are a supportive place for deep practice, a place for meditation, retreats, workshops and Ecodharma; a place for learning from nature, teachers and other participants, and a place for discovering ourselves in a wild environment.

We bring Buddhism and Dharma back into the natural world where they originated, and in doing so, regain the connection and energy necessary to effectively address ecological and related social crises.

We call all of this Ecodharma.

“For me in this dark time, Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center will be a shining beacon I can trust. I see it offering what we most need: the inspired leadership of committed teachers, a wild mountain setting to awaken our own power and beauty, the ripening of a Sangha to grow a guiding vision for our people, and the strength to make it real.”  
Joanna Macy, Ph.D. Engaged Buddhist Teacher, Deep-ecologist, Activist, and Founder of Work That Reconnects.


Our Vision

Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center is a home for low-cost meditation retreats and workshops in nature.The programs we are most excited about include:

  • Ecodharma workshops and retreats for activists, using the healing power of meditation in nature to ground and transform activism into a spiritual path of service to the community and to the earth.
  • Low cost retreats that are offered in the spirit of generosity, with teachers receiving only expenses and donations (Dana).
  • Silent meditation retreats, in groups and also on supported solos. All spiritual practice traditions are welcome, and local Sanghas are encouraged to use RMERC for weekends and day-longs as well as for longer retreats.
  • Retreats for underserved communities including people of color, veterans, youth, and other groups who have historically borne or will bear the brunt of ecological and socio-economic devastation; and are often at the forefront of spiritually-rooted activism.

While the 180-acres of the center provide an ideal setting for outdoor and nature-focused retreats, the lodge will be comfortable year round for indoor retreats of up to 30 people.

If you are interested in offering a retreat or workshop please contact us about renting RMERC. Above are the kinds of programs we most want to encourage, but we are open to others as well.



Ecodharma connects Dharma teachings and practice with nature and the Earth. It involves spiritual practices to help us develop clarity, compassion, and courage, which are all needed to face humanity’s greatest challenge ever: the ecological crisis.

Both individual and collective transformation are needed: meditation overcomes the delusion of separation that is at the root of individual and societal suffering, and practicing in nature deepens our understand of non-duality to encompass the earth, inspiring us to work for its healing as our own.


How you can help

We are continuing to raise funds to remodel the buildings and pay off our loan.

We have amazing volunteers, and we need more!

To volunteer please send an email to


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